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Sunday Pickup/delivery - Weekly meal prep

Custom Meal

Your choice of protein & side. Served with a side of Garlic roasted broccoli

Mixed greens salad $4Roasted potatoes $5Wild rice & beans $6Mixed vegetable stir fry $6Roasted sweet potato $5Chicken +$5Swai white fish +$6Sirloin steak +$8Salmon +$8Turkey +$6Beef +$6Grilled Tofu +$5Sweet plantains +$2.50Beans +$1.50Pico de gallo +$0.75Guava bbq sauce +$1Salsa verde +$1Garlic & herb chimichurri +$1Cilantro crema +$1House vinaigrette +$0.75Mozzarella +$1.50
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